Keep Your Website Ahead in 2012 – Useful Tips

By on April 24th, 2012

Keeping up to date in the ever-changing world of websites is absolutely critical to the future success of your site. With 2012 calling for a strong advance in technologies and website design, I can’t begin to stress how important it is that you keep on top of these changes. One of the key areas that need to be addressed with these innovative changes is the design of your website and what it has to offer in terms of usability, functionality and aesthetics. I mean, after all, your website is a direct reflection on your company; if your website is submerged with irritating widgets, tedious template layouts, broken links and so on, then that really doesn’t bode well for potential customers seeking a professional company for their required  product or information. Please take into account the following tips, look at whether or not they affect your current website and see if there is anything we at e64 can do to help clean up your company’s website.

Be Bold



1. Lost World Fairs

2. Spotify

3. Drop Box

All of the above sites have one thing in common that contribute towards their overall success; they’re all BOLD. By this, I am not necessarily concentrating on fonts, more towards the impact that the landing pages have on the user. Whether it be an over-exaggerated title, large “call to action” button or something as simple as the background colour, each site manages to catch your attention, making you want to explore the website in more depth. By using large images, buttons and text, the aesthetics of the site are already enriching the chances of keeping a customer on your site, also adding to the effectiveness of the website’s structure and layout. Having a robust structure to your design boosts the overall usability of your site, something that is extremely important if your customer wants information or a product without having to wade through page upon page of futile information.

New Technology


HTML5 can bring a whole new dimension to your website, offering flexibility which can make your website incredibly responsive and interactive for your customers. A lot of features that may have used Flash can be scrapped and replaced with HTML5, with relatively little code work.

However, you must take into account when programming in HTML5 the cross-browser compatibility – what may appear to be a fully functional, stunning website being viewed in a modern browser, can appear to be a broken site by someone using browsers such as IE6 and IE7. This has always been a big issue for developers out there, however there are websites that can help to make cross-browser experiences enjoyable for everybody involved.


Cut the content


Traditionally, most websites you come across appear to have a horizontal or vertical navigation bar enabling you to go to different areas of that site. However during 2011 and now in 2012 it is becoming more common for websites to have just a single page containing the important information that the customers want to read. These websites can be very effective, especially with HTML5 around to develop them.

However, you must take into account what you are wanting to achieve through your website before jumping into a more modern approach to design. If you are wanting to show off lots of information, images, text, testimonials etc., then having a single page website can be very limiting for the content that you would like to display. If your aim is to send clear, to-the-point messages then, by all means, the way forward would be to take a more modern approach as it would dramatically improve the performance of your site, and most importantly lodge that message into your customer’s brain in a matter of seconds.


Interact socially


Incorporating your social media presence in your website is a must. Social media is a fantastic way to communicate and make relationships with potential customers, and to maintain relationships with current customers. If integrated into your site appropriately it can really benefit your place in the social hemisphere, increasing potential revenue for your website and also keeping them important customers happy and up-to-date with current affairs within the company.



Is your website practical for your target audience? Are you offering your customers the opportunity to take complete control of the features that your website is offering? If not, then it is a serious problem that will not only affect the amount of traffic being generated to your site, but will also prevent likely conversions and decrease the chances of a sale taking place.

If this is the case with your current website, whether it be a simple brochure site or a fully functional online shopping site, then e64 have the perfect solution to overcome this devastating problem. We aim to create websites both with outstanding aesthetics and functionality but always strive to take into account your customers first. Our designs are minimal, modern and very pleasing for a potential customer to be able to locate a product or piece of information easily, boosting the chances of conversions, traffic and profit to your company. Our expert team of highly committed developers take into account every loophole that damages many thousands of websites out in the big wide web and we guarantee that your site won’t follow suit, giving your site the absolute maximum chance of becoming the leader in your particular market.

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