Browser Statistics – who’s the daddy now?

By on June 9th, 2012

If you ever get involved in website design, you will at some stage have looked at various browser statistics to see which is the most popular, what screen resolution most people use and other such information that may influence your design, so here’s a brief summary of the current statistics that you may find interesting.

The Most Popular Kid in the Playground

It seems that a key moment in Browser Wars has quietly slipped by without so much as a toot, or a taraa, or not one that I noticed anyway. It would appear that back in March, Google Chrome became the most popular browser in use today, as shown below:

What’s also interesting here is just how small Internet Explorer’s  share of the market has become, it’s steady decline for the past 10 years meant that in August 2008 it dropped under 50% and has been dropping ever since.

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Another interesting statistic is that of monitor display size, aka Resolution. Monitors are getting bigger and bigger, and so too is the amount of stuff that can fit onto a monitor’s display. Remember the days when everything was 800×600 and we were all very impressed with how big our monitors were? Well that resolution now only accounts for 1% of browsers today. Of course, when we moved to 1024×768 that was a display size worth having – right? Not any more – only 13% of displays now offer that paltry size with a whopping 85% of displays having a higher resolution than that.


All statistics courtesy of, the full set can be viewed here.

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